1. I have left several messages at the office at PA High School concerning the craft show that was cancelled in the Spring and no word was sent to us vendors about the fall. I assume it is cancelled as well. I told the chair person when I signed up if the event was cancelled all together I needed my money back because my funds are tight due to no craft shows taking place. My check was cashed along with my brother’s a month ago and I was never told why. I want my money back and so does my brother.Do not confirm me for asking for my money back because I have been suffering from many medical issues and need the money. I cannot find the contact person to address this situation with and the office is not returning my calls.will someone get back with me. You can message me and I will give you my phone number. I will not publicly post it for everyone to have. Thank you. Debbie Billing

    1. Ms. Billing,

      I will have our Craft Fair Coordinator contact you. If you’d like, you can reach her at notify@pabands.org

      We are refunding the money of anyone who wants it back.


      John Boyd
      Director of Bands

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