Care and Cleaning of FMC Uniforms

Washing Instructions

Please remember to wash socks, Spanx, and show shirt after every performance and bring them fresh to the next performance; bring wind suit as directed (wash as needed); in between performances, it may not be necessary to wash the performance tops, etc.

If you take the uniforms home to wash for another person, please wash like pieces together and keep the turnaround time short.  All uniforms should return within 4 calendar days (as soon as PA opens again, if extended by weather or holidays). Return the corresponding uniform parts to the garment bag as noted on the garment bag nametag.

Uniform Bib, Superman Jacket, Performance Tops, Gauntlets, & Cinches 

Uniforms are fitted to each marcher and recorded on the luggage tag of each marcher’s garment bag.  IF you’ve determined that washing is necessary (if not mandatory), then you may (infrequently) wash them in your washing machine by following the instructions below.

  • Remove sashes and capes (if applicable) and return them to the garment bag without washing them.
  • Wash bib, tops, cinches, and/or jackets in cool water on a gentle cycle with Woolite detergent.
  • Immediately hang to dry, but DO NOT EXPOSE THEM TO SUNLIGHT to dry because the fabric’s color fades.
  • Replace sashes and capes and hang the assigned # bib, jacket, tops, etc., to hangers in the correct garment bag if washing more than one at one time.

Guard Uniforms: 

Air them out by hanging them spaced out and open-zippered.  (Typically, we Febreeze the guard uniforms until the final show is finished if we think the fabric is too delicate to handle a washing mishap.)

You may wash your guard uniform (VERY VERY INFREQUENTLY). Please make sure to follow the instructions below.

  • Place it in a zippered delicates bag and washing it by itself in cold water in the gentlest cycle with Woolite;
  • Dry it with ABSOLUTELY NO HEAT—only air.  If you don’t know how to do that with your dryer, don’t risk it, just air dry the uniform but DO NOT EXPOSE THEM TO SUNLIGHT to dry because of fading.
  • Listen to your instructor’s suggestions for best fit, such as powdering the body, etc.

Storing instructions: 

Place the Garment bag to the right of the circular name tag in the uniform room.  Place the aussie bag on the shelf.

Uniform Glossary

Aussie:  Marching hat with a clip holder for the plume and a decorative triangular mirror; 2019 marchers will wear them for parades; brim is worn parallel to the ground

Aussie bag:  a black duffle personalized with a luggage tag that contains Dinkles, Aussie, Cinch, Gloves, Gauntlets

Bib:  (aka bibbers) the pants-like overalls

Black socks:  keep a spare set in your car, everyone wears them in the special black marching shoes

Cabbie hat:  Marching Tuba hats

Cinch:  An elastic-y and wide belt worn over the bib for best fit (everyone wears)

Dinkles:  the brand name of the marching band marchers’ shoes

Garment bag: typically a blue garment bag personalized with a luggage tag that contains 2 hangers, 1 superman jacket and attached sash, 1 performance top, 1 bib

Gauntlets:  Black “glove extensions” with a silver button to complete the Cavalier look; please note that drumline gauntlets have the Velcro arranged so the gauntlets are cone-shaped on their sleeves, whereas everyone else’s are tear-drop shaped on their sleeves.

Gloves:  White or black cloth gloves for marching

Guard shoes:  special shoes for the guard

Guard Uniform:  typically a unitard specially designed per show, but often accessorized with a costume.

Performance Top:  marchers and pit all wear a custom-made G2 Performance Wear costume, designed for the show that year.

Plume:  Delicate ostrich feather to decorate the top of the aussie; chaperones replace and retrieve the plumes immediately before and after each show

Senior Sashes:  We order sashes by Sept. 20 to be ready for Senior Football game on Oct. 25, 2019.  It takes several weeks to create the sashes and the band parents have a senior sash making session for those who’d like to share ideas.

Show shirt:  the annual t-shirt with the show dates on it, typically worn under the bib (write your initials on the collar tag)

Spanx:  (all students –except guard– wears) form-fitting, elastic-y underwear (write your name in them); compression shorts for males, and compression shorts plus camisoles for females

“Superman Suit”:  our pet name for the red parade jackets with the blue with silver sequin sashes.  When the kids put them on, they feel and look super.

Wind suit:  FMC red pants and zippered jacket, embroidered with the FMC Logo.