From Mr. Boyd

To the students and parents of PA Bands:

I know many of you are confused or even scared… Seniors probably a little angry.  For today, just chill and compress. We haven’t forgotten about you… we’re your teachers and we LOVE you.  You are NOT ALONE… just in quarantine and the thing about quarantines is that they DO end, and this one will, too. 

Our job right now is to ride out the storm, at home, and do our part to KILL this virus.  

But this is the PA Band, and we recognize things that on the surface seem to be daunting or too imposing are actually OPPORTUNITIES.  In this opportunity we have the chance to slow down, to visit with family, to build connections with people, albeit online, that we may not have before.  And we also get the OPPORTUNITY to remind ourselves of how precious time is… to be active and engaged at school because we don’t know when things will change.  

I don’t know the future, but I know that the band parents and I will be working on what the end of the quarantine is going to look like for our kids and what the celebrations for our seniors are going to look like. 

I will obviously be in touch with you all later with more, but for today… process.  And communicate.

I miss you all, and I love you all,

— Mr. Boyd 

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